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High-Tech and Advanced ATM Processing Technology at Your Disposal

We have manufactured our ATMs using advanced technology available in the ATM industry, upgrading it with each innovative technology that comes out on the market. From the beginning, we wanted to offer our customers with an ATM processing system they could rely on and offer their own customers. Our years of hard work and grueling research have enabled us to manufacture a reliable ATM machine. It has allowed us to offer our customers a system that decreases downtime and increases uptime.

Safe Processing

Our ATM machines will not eat your customers’ card or slow down when a different bank card is inserted into their card slot. Our credit card processing system accepts a variety of different credit card and debit cards. You will not have to worry about a customers coming up to you to report a stuck bank card. In the event an issue does arise, you will rest easy knowing that we monitor all the ATM machines we have placed all over Ohio on our advanced computer system. If we suspect an issue, we will send one of our trained and certified ATM technicians to your store. If you suspect an issue, do not hesitate to call us, as we are available around the clock, 24/7. We have also taken measures to ensure processing frauds do not occur. Your customers will be able to use your ATM machine without fear.

Your Customers Will Prefer to Use Your Store over Others

By offering your customers the facility of using an ATM machine to withdraw money to make a transaction, you increase customer satisfaction. More customers, including those who have never visiting your store, will likely visit now that you have an ATM machine. Who knows the new customers you are attracting to your store may end up buying something? Even if they do not make a purchase, they may tell other people in search for a dependable ATM machine to visit your store. Your ATM machine, which may have started as a secondary source of income, may become your primary source of income due to the traffic it generates in your store. If you want to increase your revenue, you need to get in touch with us to ask us about our standing units and wall mounted ATM machines. Do not forget to tell people you have an ATM machine by putting up a sign on your front door or window front.

Our Credit Card Processing System Will Increase Your Visibility

One of your primary goals is to achieve visibility. You want to set your store apart from your competitors. Investing in a quality ATM solution is a good way to do that. People crossing your store will jot down a mental note, telling themselves to visit your store in the event they need to withdraw money. Even if your competitors have an ATM machine, your ATM may be superior in comparison. Gradually, you will see more people entering your store to use your ATM. Each time someone withdraws cash from your ATM, you will find yourself earning revenue. You will earn money in the form of a surcharge amount or a convenience fee, which you decide and which we deposit into your bank account at the end of each month.

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