Free ATM Placement

With Us, You Do Not Have to Buy an ATM because You Can One for Free!

Not Ready to Buy? That’s Okay. Now, You Can Become Part of Our Free ATM Placement Program!

Why Our ATM Placement Program is the Program for You?

We have come to discover that not everyone is ready to buy an ATM machine. Sure, they want an ATM machine. They understand the benefits that comes with having one present in their store. However, the do not have the necessary funds needed to buy one. Should they sit on the sidelines and not buy an ATM machine? No, what they should do is apply for our free ATM placement program. Our free ATM placement program means you do not have to pay us a dime. No hidden charges! No down payment! Our ATM placement program is free and so is our delivery and installation! Once you have an ATM machine installed at your location, you can expect to draw in huge crowd. They may come to use your ATM or withdraw cash to buy something from you. Regardless of the reason they enter your store, know that your store is receiving recognition. When word spreads you have an ATM machine, you will soon find yourself churning a profit. If you want to make a switch to ATM ownership, pay for the phone line and the ATM machine is yours to keep.

Do You Qualify for Our Free ATM Placement Program?

People interested in our free ATM placement program need to fill out a form or get in touch with us. To determine if you qualify for our free ATM placement program, we will ask you questions and you can ask us any questions you have in mind regarding our program. After talking to you, we will tell you if you qualify for our free ATM placement program. If you do, we will deliver and install the ATM machine at your location. Just be sure to market your ATM machine to let your customers and passersby know that you have an ATM. If your location receives a lot of footfall, you will see an increase in sales, in-store foot traffic, and revenue.

Choose Us as Your ATM Provider

If you want to learn more about our free ATM placement program or our other ATM services, give us a call. In the event you do not qualify for our free ATM placement program, do not worry because we offer several alternates such as leasing or renting an ATM machine. If you want to learn more about our other options, call us today!

Free Delivery and Installation

We will deliver and install your ATM machine at your location free of cost. We also offer free delivery and installation when you buy, lease, or rent an ATM machine from us.

Never-ending Stream of Income

You will receive a never-ending stream of income when you obtain an ATM machine. Even on your slowest days, weeks, and months, you will not stress about not making a lot of money to sustain your business because people will still be using your ATM machine to withdraw cash. Each time they use your ATM machine to withdraw cash, they will be charged a convenience fee or a surcharge amount set by you.

Free Repair and Maintenance

When your ATM machine breaks down unexpectedly, you can count us to be there to repair it. We will investigate the cause of the break down and repair it. Our repair and maintenance service is available around the clock. Even if your ATM machine breaks down in the middle of the night, you can count on us to visit your store the same day as you call. On our watch, breakdowns do not last the day.

Buy an ATM

When you are ready to buy an ATM machine, you can contact us so we can make the switch. We can make the switch the same day you call. You will need to pay for the phone line and the ATM machine will be yours. If you want to remain part of our free ATM placement program for several months or years, you are more than welcome to do that.

Want More Benefits?

When you buy an ATM machine, you receive the following benefits:

More Money

ATM machines are moneymakers. All you need to do is have one in place and forget about it. Each month, you will receive money. An ATM machine is a good option for struggling business, business trying to branch out, and business already earning well. If you are interested in increasing your revenue, this is the most efficient way to do that.

More Convenience

Nowadays, most people prefer bank card to cash. You can provide passersby and your customers’ access to an ATM machine so they can quickly withdraw cash. You do not want to lose a customer who wants to buy something from your store, but are unable to because they are short on cash. When you offer them an ATM machine, they will be able to make a transaction on the spot. A store without an ATM machine would usually lose the customer to another store with an ATM machine.

No Hidden Charges

We strongly oppose the practice of charging people hidden fees or asking them to pay a down payment for an ATM placement program advertised as being free. We have come across customers who have told us about their negative experiences and we assure them, just like we want to assure you, that we do not have any surprises of that nature in store for you.

Want to Learn More about Our Free ATM Placement Program?

Are you interested in becoming part of our free ATM placement program? If you are, we look forward to hearing from you. You can get in touch with us by filling out a form or by giving us a call. If you have any questions, call us today.

Our Free ATM Placement is a Wonderful Opportunity to Earn Extra Cash

We have plenty of success stories that we can tell you about past customers who obtained an ATM machine from us and never looked back. We know when you get an ATM machine; you will realize that you made a good business decision. Call us today to see if you qualify for our free ATM placement program.



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