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ATM Machines Will Make Your Event the Most Talked about Event!

At your next event, why don’t you try something new? Why don’t you install ATM machines at various entry points at your event?

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ATM Machines Will Make Your Event a Success

You want to offer the crowd in attendance the convenience of using an ATM machine and this includes your vendors. Your vendors will only come back if they earn money. By stationing several ATM machines at your event, the crowd will be more likely to make a purchase. When your vendors earn money, they will leave a good feedback for you. However, events happening at a smaller scale can also offer people access to an ATM. For instance, bake sales or yard sales attract people. You can rent an ATM machine so people running low on cash can use an ATM to make a purchase. Schools, universities, and clubs all can rent an ATM machine. The main purpose for holding an event — small or large — is to make a profit. An ATM machine entices people to withdraw cash. Remember, impulsive purchases happen when you have ATM machine present.

By Renting an ATM Machine, You Receive Exposure, Success, and Money!

How Can You Benefit from our Event ATM Rental Service?

Do you want people to talk about your event? If you do, you need to think out of the box. Most events do not have an ATM machine. However, they can point a person looking for one in the right direction. That will not do them any favors though because it is not their ATM machine people are using, which means they are not making any money when people use the ATM to make a transaction. When you place several ATM machines throughout the event, that’s when you earn money. Each time a person uses your ATM machine, you make a profit in the form of a surcharge amount or a convenience fee. You can set the surcharge amount as high or as low as you want. Not only would you have made the event money by securing several vendors, but you would have also made the event money via ATM machines. Here are some other advantages you will receive when you opt for our ATM event rental service:

Your Event Will be Success

Your aim is to ensure people, including the vendors, like your event. To gauge your event’s success, you can ask the vendors and the crowd to fill out a feedback form. You can ask them what they thought about the ATM machines you had installed all over the event. If most of them find having access to an ATM machine convenient, it tells you two things. Your event was a success and that you need to rent out ATM machines at your next event again.

Your Event Will Receive More Yeses

Vendors and public alike will look forward to attending your next event. When more vendors want to attend your event, you will need to book a bigger venue, which means more ATM machines. If you are not sure on how many ATM machines you need, let us know the number of people expected to attend the event and the available space. We will also ensure that no ATM machine at your event runs low on cash.

You Will Make a Profit

Since you set the surcharge amount or convenience fee, you will receive this fee each time a person uses your ATM to withdraw cash. If you are hosting an event at your house or at a venue, consider renting one or more ATMs. Doing so will help you make a Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, you will earn money from the tickets sold, the products sold, and the number of people who used your ATM machine.

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