We Offer Businesses with Several Different ATM Services to Make It Easy for Them to Obtain an ATM

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Our Number of ATM Services Will Amaze You!

ATM Machines Ohio offers businesses with a number of different ways to obtain an ATM machine to offer their customers. On top of that, we offer them a bunch of different ATM services.

Buy ATMs

Are you searching for a way to make more money? If you are, we have your solution right here. You can buy an ATM machine and let the money roll in! We offer a variety of different ATM machines to our customers at affordable rates. You can opt for standing units or wall mounted units. We can also help you decide on the type of ATM machine you should place in your store. By choosing us, you also get the benefit of setting your own surcharge or convenience fee. Contact us today for a quote.

Free ATM Placement

You can become part of our fee ATM placement program if you are not ready to buy an ATM machine. You do not have to worry about us surprising you with hidden charges or asking you to give us a down payment. When we say our ATM placement program is free, we actually mean it is completely free. We will even deliver and install the ATM machine at you location free of cost. Get in touch with us to find out if you qualify for our free ATM placement program.

ATM Machine Repairs

We offer free ATM machine repairs and maintenance to customers who are part of our free ATM placement program and those who have leased, bought, or rented our ATM machine. Our ATM machine repair service is available seven days a week and twenty-fours a day. Since malfunctions can happen at random times in the day, you can rely on us to have the issue repaired the same day you call us. Our certified and trained ATM technicians are just a call away!

ATM Machine Service

We offer several different types of ATM machine services such as on-site repair, 24/7 technical support, cash replenishment, and more. Our support staff closely monitors every ATM machine we have placed in Ohio. When our high-tech computer system alerts of an issue, we will contact you to let you know that our ATM technician is on its way. If you need to acquire an ATM machine service, ring us up at your own convenience.

Lease an ATM

People who are not ready to buy an ATM machine or they did not qualify for our free ATM placement program can opt to lease an ATM machine instead. We will decide on a fixed monthly payment amount, which will remain the same for however long you decide to lease an ATM. Contact us for a quote!

Event ATM Rental

You should rent an ATM machine at your next event. You will have a higher chance to attract a much larger crowd, which means more revenue for you. Usually, people visit events without bringing a lot of cash with them because they do not have an intention to make a purchase. However, they do have their bank card with them. If they like something at the event, they will walk up to the closest ATM machine to withdraw cash.

ATM Processing

We offer businesses with a comprehensive range of ATM processing services. Businesses that want to offer their customers with different ATM services should get in touch with us. You can acquire an ATM processing service whenever you like. Our ATM processing service is safe, fast, and easy to use.

Credit Card Processing

We manufacture our credit card and debit processing system using the latest technology on the market. We offer businesses an inclusive range of debit card and credit card processing services. Our high-tech credit card processing services guarantees fast processing times and safe transactions.

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