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Lease an ATM to Make Your Business One of the Busiest on the Street!

If you want more money, lease an ATM. If you want to attract tons of traffic, lease an ATM. If you want to increase your sales, lease an ATM. When you lease an ATM machine, you will automatically see an increase in the number of people who visit your store. Most of these people will have one purpose to visit your store — to use your ATM machine to withdraw cash. They can either use the money to make a transaction at your store or at another store. Where they make the transaction should not matter to you because you are still earning an income in the form of a surcharge amount or a convenience fee that we will deposit into your bank account at the end of each month.

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Are You Planning to Buy or Lease an ATM Machine?

You can decide to buy an ATM, but only if you are ready to take ownership of an ATM machine. If you do not have the funds available to buy an ATM or you are not ready to buy an ATM, consider leasing an ATM machine. You can lease an ATM machine as long as you like. You may decide to buy an ATM after a few months or even years of using it. If you are comfortable with leasing an ATM, go ahead. In the event you are planning to lease an ATM, you should know the following benefits associated with doing so:

Fixed Monthly Payment Plan

Our fixed monthly payment plan is uncomplicated and easy to understand. On a fixed monthly payment plan, businesses pay us a fixed amount at the end of each month. The amount does not change, but remains the same. You can rest easy knowing that we will not suddenly hike up your fee.

Cash Deductible Expenses

You will never forget to pay us each month because we automatically deduct the amount from the surcharge amount or the convenience fee you earn each time a person uses their bank card to withdraw money.

Lease an ATM Machine to Increase Your Earnings

You want several people to use your ATM machine to withdraw cash and make a transaction. You want to bring it to your customers attention that you have an ATM machine they could use at your store to withdraw cash. This way, not only will your customers will benefit from having an ATM at their disposal, but passersby will benefit from it also. Remember, you earn money each time a person makes a transaction. You can also set the surcharge amount to whatever you want.

Should You Consider Leasing an ATM?

When you lease an ATM machine, you receive a secondary source of income. This allows you to earn money and sustain your business during slow months. If you have made your ATM accessible to your customers and passersby day and night, you will find yourself earning money in your sleep. If your surrounding businesses do not have an ATM machine, you will have more traffic directed your way. If your surrounding businesses have an ATM machine, you will still have an advantage over them, as the quality and reliability of an ATM matters. If your ATM is more reliable than their ATM, they will likely opt to visit your store to use your ATM machine, thus making you money and helping you win at “ATM Wars.

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